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10 Tips and Tricks for the Aspiring Haunted House Actors

By Thomas Wingate

Scare acting is one of the most fun seasonal jobs for people who love Halloween. Folks from a wide variety of backgrounds come together every October to dress up in scary costumes, hide inside haunted houses, forests and hayrides all over America. It’s a strange, sometimes exhausting but always entertaining way to really get into … Continued

Top 5 Best Fall Events in Baltimore

By Isaac

Now that September is here and Spooky Season is upon us we thought it would be a great time to count down our top 5 favorite Fall Baltimore Events. 5 – The Baltimore Running Festival, October 14th For some the running festival is synonymous with one thing; traffic. So take note; the morning of October … Continued

Common Themes at Haunted Houses

By Isaac

When it comes to creating a truly immersive, terrifying and unique haunted house experience no one in the industry creates in a vacuum. At all of the haunted houses in Maryland you will see scenes derived, whether intentional or not, from deep cultural traditions and from more contemporary works of horror fiction. Many haunted attraction … Continued

Creating Unique Scenes at The Nevermore Haunt

By Isaac

Here at The Nevermore Haunt our goal is to create the most unique and scariest of the haunted houses in Maryland and beyond. How do we achieve this? Haunted attraction aficionados and casual visitors alike are familiar with all the classic scenes that one might encounter at a haunted house; creepy clowns, murderous chainsaw maniacs, … Continued

Reflections on the Haunted Houses Near Me that inspired The Nevermore Haunt

By Isaac

Growing up in Maryland haunted houses were an annual tradition during the Halloween season. Most of the haunted attractions near me were volunteer events for local fire departments or youth programs. The charm and community nature of these events can sometimes get lost in today’s more professional events.  While the scares inside The Nevermore Haunt … Continued

The Nevermore Haunt Returns for Its 8th Year and Scariest Season Yet

By Isaac

The Nevermore Haunt, Baltimore’s premier haunted house, is returning for its scariest season yet. Now in its 8th year, the haunted attraction will feature new fire performances, added its sideshow entertainment outside, as well as new scenes and special effects inside. The Nevermore Haunt is located in the heart of Baltimore, and is themed around … Continued

Spooky, Scary, Fun? A Statistical and Semantic Analysis

By Isaac

Spooky. Scary. Skeletons. Are the skeletons both spooky AND scary or are we dealing with a mix of spooky skeletons and scary skeletons? It might seem obvious at first but with a little closer investigation we might muddle the waters a bit. What makes a skeleton spooky? What makes a skeleton scary? How can an … Continued

Baltimore’s Top 5 Locations to Encounter Eldritch Horrors

By Isaac

When it comes to experiencing eldritch horrors Arkham is always the first place everyone thinks of. You might be surprised to learn that there are actually many great places right here in Baltimore, Maryland where you too can peer into the maddening void and experience reality bending horrors without leaving town. Here are the top … Continued