Opening select nights this April for:

Light City, a festival of light, music and innovation


Light City - Haunt Shuttle

Our Haunt Shuttle is conveniently located right on the Light City - Light Walk and is free for anyone attending The Nevermore Haunt. Pick-up/drop-off every 20-30 minutes at the Baltimore Visitor's Center.

Look for costumed staff and our flag.

Parking at the Haunt

If you prefer to drive free-parking is available, with private security during Haunt hours, at 450 Mott St. Baltimore, MD 21202. Ticket holders are also welcome to park here and use our Haunt Shuttle to visit the Light City festivities.


If you plan to use take a ride-share service we recommened using the following address drop off/pick-up point: 546 McElderry St, Baltimore, MD 21202