Q:What exactly is The Nevermore Haunt?

A: The Nevermore Haunt is an historically themed Haunted Attraction(Haunted House) located in Baltimore, Maryland. We’ve taken our inspiration from the city around us and hope that your visit is both terrifying and entertaining.

Q: Where is The Nevermore Haunt?

A: We’re located in historic Old Town, just north of Little Italy, in Baltimore, Maryland.Parking is available at 450 Mott St. We also run a shuttle bus  from Fells Point.

Q: How can I purchase tickets?

A: You can purchase your tickets right here on our website or in person at the event. We HIGHLY recommend purchasing in advance and showing up on-time for your showtime as this will help ensure a short wait to enter the event.

Q: Is The Nevermore Haunt appropriate for children?

A: The Nevermore Haunt is not an attraction designed with children or the faint of heart in mind. While our scenes are not “adult” in nature they are gory, violent and disturbing. That said, children under 16 are welcome so long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Q: Approximately how long does it take to walk through the haunt?

A: It takes most groups about 15 minutes to walk through our event.

Q: Can/will the actors touch me?

A: Yes. This does not mean however that you can touch the actors.

Q: Will you close for rain?

A: Our event is entirely indoor so we will not close for rain. If we do close for any reason an email will be sent to all ticket holders and an announcement will be made on our Facebook page and website. All ticket holders will be able to redeem their tickets in the event of a closure on another evening.

Q: What’s with the deal with the different ticket times?

A: We don’t like waiting in line. We imagine you probably don’t either. We use a timed ticketing system to keep our lines short. Rather than everyone showing up at once and having to wait, timed ticketing ensures that the crowd is spread out. This also helps us to ensure that each visitor has a quality experience.

Q: We’re running late! Will we still be able to enter the event if we arrive after our ticket time?

A: Of course! We’ll be sure to squeeze you in with the next available group.

Q: Where can we park?

A: Parking is available here in Old Town at the event. Parking is limited so we would like to encourage folks to carpool, use a ride share service OR use our convenient shuttle bus that picks up and drops off near the many bars and restaurants of Fells Point.

Q: How much does the Shuttle bus cost?

A: The Shuttle Bus is free for all event ticket holders

Q: Is alcohol allowed on the bus?

A: You already know the answer to this question. No.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Costumes are of course acceptable, please no masks. For your own safety we recommend not wearing heels. The entire event is indoors.

Q: What kind of security will be provided?

A: We have off-duty police officers as well as private security on hand.

Q: What can I not bring into the event?

A: For your safety there are no weapons, food or beverages allowed into the event. This includes pocket knives, pocket sandwiches and pocket beers. If you forgot to leave your pocket knife at home we’ll be happy to hold it for you until you exit the event (we do have metal detectors on site).

Q: Can I take photos in the event?
A: Photography of any kind inside the event is prohibited. Stopping to take photos will ruin the experience for others and your phone/camera is likely be broken or lost inside the haunt while taking photos. We are not liable nor will we be able to turn on the lights or otherwise stop the event to look for your phone.

Q: Its dark, can I use a flashlight or my phone to light the way?

A: No, you’re in a haunted attraction. If its dark it is because we designed it that way. Using a light will not only detract from the experience of others but may also result in the loss of your phone or flashlight.

Q: My dog and I do everything together, are pets allowed in the haunt?

A: Sorry, puppy has to stay home for this one. No pets of any kind are permitted into the haunt.