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A Haunted House Like No Other

Ever think to yourself, “Why are all the haunted houses near me exactly the same?” Not here! Historically themed and Baltimore inspired, The Nevermore Haunt is unlike any of the other haunted houses in Maryland.

Located in the heart of Baltimore, Maryland, this unique event takes its inspiration from the city’s own sordid, dark past. Set in late 19th century Baltimore you’ll encounter a macabre menagerie of specters and spirits; drowned sailors, tortured factory workers, unlicensed physicians, street urchins and mysterious creatures that defy description!

With an emphasis on interactive performance and immersive sets The Nevermore Haunt strives to create a Halloween event that is equal parts terrifying and entertaining for all guests. Perfect for those trembling in terror at the mere thought of entering to the most courageous, unflinching haunted house aficionados. The Nevermore Haunt is a truly Baltimore haunted house.

The Haunt

The Nevermore Haunt is a walk-through experience that takes visitors through a series of haunted rooms and corridors. The haunted house is themed around the city’s history and draws from the works of Edgar Allen Poe. The haunt is known for its elaborate sets, terrifying special effects, and talented scare actors. The haunted house is sure to scare even the most hardened horror fan, with its terrifying creatures and scenes.

The Nevermore Haunt has been consistently ranked as one of the scariest haunted attractions in Maryland, and it has consistently received high ratings from visitors. In 2021, the haunted house was awarded the 2021 Fright of the Year Award from

The Sideshow

In addition to the haunted house, The Nevermore Haunt also features sideshow entertainment. The sideshow is a collection of sideshow performers, including strongmen, fire dancers, magicians, and fortune tellers. These performances will take place throughout the night, entertaining guests while they wait to enter the attraction, or after going through, when they need a few minutes to catch their breath.

There is also an on-site bar serving local craft beers, as well as a rotation of food trucks that offer a variety of snacks and meals.


Tickets for The Nevermore Haunt are available online and at the door. Ticket prices can be found on our ticketing page. Prices are the same for adults and children. The event is open for 13 nights from 7-10pm every Friday and Saturday in October (plus extra dates leading up to and including Halloween, check the ticketing page for exact dates and times). Admission ranges depending on the night, tickets may be purchased at the door or online for a faster check-in process upon arrival.

WARNING: This event is not intended for children or the faint of heart. Children under 4ft tall will not be admitted, anyone under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Please read our Rules, Warnings and Waiver before purchasing tickets.