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About Us

A Haunted House Like No Other

Ever think to yourself, “Why are all the haunted houses near me exactly the same?” Not here! Historically themed and Baltimore inspired, The Nevermore Haunt is unlike any of the other haunted houses in Maryland.

Located in the heart of Baltimore, Maryland, this unique event takes its inspiration from the city’s own sordid, dark past. Set in late 19th century Baltimore you’ll encounter a macabre menagerie of specters and spirits; drowned sailors, tortured factory workers, unlicensed physicians, street urchins and mysterious creatures that defy description!

With an emphasis on interactive performance and immersive sets The Nevermore Haunt strives to create a Halloween event that is equal parts terrifying and entertaining for all guests. Perfect for those trembling in terror at the mere thought of entering to the most courageous, unflinching haunted house aficionados. The Nevermore Haunt is a truly Baltimore haunted house.