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Common Themes at Haunted Houses

By Isaac

When it comes to creating a truly immersive, terrifying and unique haunted house experience no one in the industry creates in a vacuum. At all of the haunted houses in Maryland you will see scenes derived, whether intentional or not, from deep cultural traditions and from more contemporary works of horror fiction.

Many haunted attraction tropes draw inspiration from 20th century horror films; b-horror classics like Killer Klowns from Outer Space and Evil Dead to major Hollywood hits like The Shining or The Hills Have Eyes. You’ll also often see themes that have their origin in classic works of literature like Frankenstein’s Monster or Dracula.

Here at The Nevermore Haunt we are big fans of the works of classic works Edgar Allan Poe, no surprise for a Baltimore Haunted House, and H.P. Lovecraft. In many respects our scenes, characters and overall aesthetic can be seen to reflect these two influences. Throughout our haunted house we hope to build a sense of dreary foreboding tinged with a splash of cosmic horror and bizarre otherworldliness. Dark places where one will come face to face with monstrous serial murders, disturbed physicians or creatures beyond description that seem to come from some place just beyond our perceptions. 

By avoiding the more common Hollywood inspired scenes we hope to create a unique experience that is different from other haunted houses in Maryland. Come see for yourself this October, if you dare.