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Haunt Bus Tour: A Blast from the Past!

We’re glad you stumbled upon our website! It seems you might have found an older link referencing our haunt bus tour. While this spooky pub crawl was a popular offering in our early years, we’ve since retired it to focus on delivering an unforgettable haunted house experience at our main location.

The tour involved a partnership with a local bar and a nearby haunted house, offering guests a convenient way to enjoy both attractions with included beers and fast passes.

Looking to Host Your Own Spooky Tour?

If the concept of a haunt bus tour piques your interest, we might be able to help! Although we no longer offer this specific tour ourselves, feel free to reach out to us through our Contact Page to discuss potential partnerships or brainstorm ideas for your own spooky adventure.

We hope to see you at The Nevermore Haunt soon!