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Looking for a Haunted House Near Me?

The Nevermore Haunt: A Unique and Terrifying Halloween Experience

Ever wonder “Why are all the haunted houses near me the same?” Look no further. Consistently among the highest-rated haunted houses in Maryland, The Nevermore Haunt is a haunted attraction unlike any other you’ve ever experienced.

The Nevermore Haunt is a creative new haunted attraction located in the heart of Baltimore City, near the Inner Harbor and Little Italy. It is housed in a 130-year-old building with a rich history, and the staff have their fair share of ghost stories from working there.

Expertly crafted and ever-changing, The Nevermore Haunt transports you directly into sordid, macabre visions of Baltimore’s past. With its elaborate sets, lifelike actors, and spine-tingling special effects, it is sure to send chills down your spine.

If you’re looking for a truly terrifying experience, be sure to check out The Nevermore Haunt. It’s the haunted house near you that will have you screaming for mercy.


Tickets for The Nevermore Haunt are available online and at the door. Prices are the same for adults and children. The event is open from 7-10pm every Friday and Saturday in October, with additional dates leading up to and including Halloween. Admission ranges depending on the night. Ticket prices can be found on our ticketing page. Tickets may be purchased at the door or online for a faster check-in process upon arrival.

General Admission








VIP Admission




Fast-Pass Admission: Skip to the front of the line, available on select nights.

VIP Admission: Includes fast-pass admission as well as one drink and food voucher from our on-site bar and food vendor. Available select nights.

Open Rain or Shine

The event is indoors, the queue area is outdoors and covered during rain, dress for the weather

"Here, its a bit different. I don't want to give it away...they flip it on you, what you think you were gonna see you're definitely not go going to the time you notice it its too late."
"The Nevermore Haunt does not rely on your typical scare tactics... the sets are so detailed and so good...It scared the living crap out of me...everyone in my groups was was brilliant."
"One of the most unique, the most refreshing, the most innovative haunts that I have ever been to"
"Their detailed and elegantly crafted set designs, usage of audio and visual special effects, and interactive cast made for an immersive and engaging adventure...Don’t underestimate these folks"
"The thing that separates The Nevermore Haunt... its the theatrics these actors have real... its like you're walking through a play....Nevermore Haunt, you did not disappoint"
"The actors were very interactive, the sets were original, rooms featured unexpected twists, and they had some seriously cool props! They have found the perfect balance of props vs. people and surprise vs. psychological scares."

Haunted House Near Me

Are you looking for a haunted house near you? Look no further than The Nevermore Haunt, the scariest haunted house in Baltimore! With its elaborate sets, lifelike actors, and spine-tingling special effects, The Nevermore Haunt is sure to send chills down your spine.

Whether you’re a seasoned haunt-goer or a first-timer, The Nevermore Haunt is sure to scare you silly. From the moment you step inside, you’ll be transported to a world of terror. You’ll encounter all sorts of nightmarish creatures, from giant sea creatures to deranged butchers.

So if you’re looking for a truly terrifying experience, be sure to check out The Nevermore Haunt. It’s the haunted house near you that will have you screaming for mercy.


The Nevermore Haunt


Bizarre creatures, terrifying visions of the past, and heart-pounding horrors torment visitors brave enough to enter. Historically themed and extraordinarily scary, The Nevermore Haunt is unlike any haunted house you’ve ever seen!

Isaac’s Maleficent Side Show


Front-of-house entertainment on select nights: Amazing sideshow performers. Blockhead feats, fortune telling, and magic all await you!

Food & Drink


We feature a rotation of local food vendors every night including Jimmy’s Famous Seafood and Soul Smoked BBQ. Evolution Craft Brewing on tap and a selection of other drinks are available at our outdoor bar. VIP includes Fast Pass Admission and food and drink vouchers

Read Our 5-Star Reviews

circle of skullsA Terrific Haunt!
This is a great haunt! I have been several times and each year it gets better and better. One of the things I love the most is how dedicated and into the roles the actors are! Overall a fun and entertaining experience and scary...but not too scary.
- Jennifer W. | Yelp
circle of skullsA Creepy & Fun Experience
A 5 out of 5. I got truly scared, the acting was top notch, the scenes were well done. At the end I was out of breath and smiling from a good haunt. The actors got really involved and had great energy and never broke character. The dock area was amazing and the lighting and details were great!
- Dan C. | Yelp
circle of skullsIncredible Haunted House
This is an absolutely incredible haunted attraction! It's very steeped in the history of Baltimore and located in the historic Isaac Benson Sons Furniture Warehouse. I highly recommend visiting this wonderful venue whether you're visiting Baltimore or a local!
- John L. | Yelp
circle of skullsThe Best Haunted House
I've been to this haunted attraction numerous times since its opening and it gets better every time. The creativity and passion by the staff and actors is unmatched by any haunted house I have ever been to. I cannot wait to check it out multiple times this October and see what new twists and turns they have in store!
- Jason P. | TripAdvisor

WARNING: This event is not intended for children or the faint of heart. Children under 4ft tall will not be admitted, anyone under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Please read our Rules, Warnings and Waiver before purchasing tickets.