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Creating Unique Scenes at The Nevermore Haunt

By Isaac

Here at The Nevermore Haunt our goal is to create the most unique and scariest of the haunted houses in Maryland and beyond. How do we achieve this? Haunted attraction aficionados and casual visitors alike are familiar with all the classic scenes that one might encounter at a haunted house; creepy clowns, murderous chainsaw maniacs, vampires, zombies, wicked witches and werewolves etc. 

As industry veterans, with experience designing at a number of Maryland’s best haunted houses we have seen all of these themes done well. We love a good clown scene or chainsaw scare as much as the next Halloween enthusiast. However, when we create scenes we always endeavor to create something unique. As counter intuitive as it might seem, part of how we do this by working within self imposed constraints.

By creating creative constraints we have to work within, we are forced to think outside the box. We do this by adhering to an overall theme and tone. Making The Nevermore Haunt a 19th Century themed Baltimore haunted house limits what scenes can fit and forces us to come up with new ideas that haven’t been done at other haunted attractions.

Some of the classics still fit our theme; a cannibal butcher, a spooky crypt or a murdering doctor but many of these classic themes, like chainsaws and clowns do not. Instead we ended up creating a factory, a clock tower and a dock inhabited by mangled workers, a mechanical tinkerer and creepy fish mongers; not to mention a creative finale that you won’t see anywhere else.