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Reflections on the Haunted Houses Near Me that inspired The Nevermore Haunt

By Isaac

Growing up in Maryland haunted houses were an annual tradition during the Halloween season. Most of the haunted attractions near me were volunteer events for local fire departments or youth programs. The charm and community nature of these events can sometimes get lost in today’s more professional events. 

While the scares inside The Nevermore Haunt always aim to the highest industry caliber we seek to maintain a fun community atmosphere in our tight knit community here in Baltimore. We achieve this by partnering with other local businesses for concessions and by creating a fun open atmosphere in our front of house that is open and accessible to the entire community.

Maryland residents are lucky to live near so many of the best haunted houses in the mid-atlantic. Many of our core creators at The Nevermore Haunt have had the privilege to work in many of these haunted attractions. We draw inspiration from their work and hope that they also are inspired by ours. Collaboration and inspiration help create better, scarier and more innovative attractions for everyone.

On the eve of another October Halloween season we hope that everyone in the industry; especially the other fantastic haunted attractions in Maryland have a successfully spooky season.